D Chiro Inositol

D Chiro Inositol

D-Chiro Inositol is a specific B-vitamin that helps to improve the health of women with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). For most women who are suffering from PCOS, Insulin Resistance is the main problem. The body has become less sensitive for sugar entering the body. As a result, the body produces too much of this powerful hormone, which will cause an overall imbalance.

D-Chiro Inositol is a natural insulin sensitizer. This substance lets the body know when it has enough fuel (sugars). The body itself normally produces sufficient amounts of d-chiro inositol to regulate the powerful Insulin hormone. With women who are dealing with PCOS, DCI is found to be produced insufficiently.

Research has shown that supplementing with 1200 mgs of this vitamin (2 capsules á 600 mgs) significantly improved the health of women with PCOS. For many years now, women have improved their health with DCI. They discover that DCI offers real results, without the side effects of synthetic medication. Women became also pregnant this way, without the use of medication. Fertility is actually the result of a healthy body.

How does d-chiro inositol work?

Normally, the body will produce enough to DCI out of ordinary Inositol (Myo Inositol), which is present in a regular diet. DCI is the substance in the body which enables the cells in your body to recognize the presence of sugar in your blood. If there is not enough DCI in the body, the body gets confused and the recognition of the Insulin hormone no longer will function as it should. This is also called “Insulin Resistance”. The body will continue producing excessive amounts of Insulin, while the cells do not recognize its presence anymore. The presence of too much Insulin in the blood has a disturbing effect on the other hormones in your body (read also the explanation of PCOS).

Because DCI helps the body to regulate and reduce the the overproduction of insulin, and other hormones will be able to find their balance again. The production of male hormones will decrease (acne, excessive hair growth, hair loss), ovulation returns (production of progesterone will recover), fat burning is activated, food (sugar) cravings are reduced, you feel more energy and emotionally more stable. Many women describe this as getting their life back.

DCI helps you to retrieve your health and quality of life. It makes it easier to break the downward spiral and implement smart changes in diet and lifestyle.


Double-blind studies have shown that women with PCOS symptoms, have a reduced presence of DCI in their bodies. Research studies also showed that supplementing with 1200 mgs a day for 2 months offered following results:

  • testosterone levels decreased significantly
  • in 86% of women, ovulation re-occurred (fertility)
  • blood pressure decreased
  • the glucose tolerance improved

Practical experiences

Many women who use DCI are reporting the following effects:
Excessive hair growth decreases, less hair loss, acne diminishes / disappears, food cravings are reduced, weight loss is easier, more regular menstrual cycle, fertility increases and a reduction in mood swings.
Most symptoms are often improving after 6-8 weeks. Complaints related to hair growth often take at least 6 months. This is due to the length of the hair growth cycle. Do you suffer from one or more symptoms caused by PCOS? Then the dietary D-Chiro Inositol (DCI) can help improve your health and halt a downward spiral.

DCI is safe

DCI is a natural dietary supplement, like a vitamin. Like other metabolites, vitamins and minerals, it is healthy to supplement deficiencies. DCI is water soluble, which means that with a surplus of DCI, it will be washed away through your urine. No side effects have been reported. DCI of PCOS-Solutions is produced in an approved GMP facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and this certification ensures that the quality of DCI is constantly guaranteed.