My Experience with PCOS

As one of the founders of PCOS Solutions, I would like to share my experience with PCOS and my way to natural health. From a struggle in the medical world to solving my health problems on my own by natural means. It is possible! You just need to have the right information.

The medical sector does not address the cause of PCOS-symptoms and because of this, the hormonal imbalance often becomes worse. This is due to a prolonged remainder of the issue at hand and additionally to synthetic substances that are prescribed in order to suppress the symptoms. This might seem as a solution at first, but eventually your body will have to pay the price. Fortunately, there is always a solution for every problem, but you need to know where to look. It took me three years, and that is why I created this website, so a lot of women will be able to save their energy and take back their quality of life, as soon as possible.

I suffered from a very irregular menstruation, heavy hair growth in my face, severe acne, binge eating, extreme fatigue, and after two years of seeing one doctor after another, finally a depression as well. I had quickly discovered laser hair removal for my most depressing problem, but no real results happened, despite the various high quality clinics I visited, five to be exact. For all that my general physician told me, I was convinced that my excessive hair growth occurred because something inside my body was out of balance. The other symptoms were clearly connected to my hormones.

The fourth doctor I explained my problem to answered : “some women just have more than a normal hair growth”. Can you imagine? All of these symptoms, together with a serious depression that took away my zest for life, and this doctor wanted to send me home without taking any action! I finally got a referral from her to a hormone specialist (endocrinologist) because I knew for sure (that) I was not healthy. I just could not accept her answer. All symptoms in a row, no one could tell me this was normal.

Only after three years, at a fourth opinion from a specialist, the correct diagnosis was finally made. I had an appointment with a hormone specialist, an endocrinologist. From him I received medication (spironolactone) to lower my elevated testosterone levels, but I got severe side effects in terms of headaches, and I was dizzy every time I got up from my chair. I felt worse than before using this medication. Moreover, I still didn’t know what the cause of my symptoms was. I wanted to solve the problem completely, and be healthy again!

I had a second appointment with a gynaecologist who presented me with a clear picture of the situation. And this time Ireceived an internal echo instead of a superficial one on top of the belly. He diagnosed me with PCOS. He prescribed birth control to suppress the discomforting symptoms such as the acne andhair growth and told mewe would meet again when I wanted to have children. I did not agree at all, because that was not a solution to the problem. Furthermore, it seemed wiser to me to address the problem before I reached the age of wanting to have children. Besides, it appeared to me very illogical to suppress one’s ovulation when the problem is that one does not ovulate at all. It did not feel right to burden my body with a daily dosage of artificial hormones, and not addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

I gave up trusting medical authorities and began relying on my own sense and judgement. I did my own research, in order to find out what the problem was. After half a year I finally had the nerve to talk to other people about my problem. I overcame my own bashfulness and began communicating with others. The best thing I ever did! Someone referredprogesterone cream to me. Because I had read that PCOS is associated with a deficiency of progesterone, I started reading about it. The internet was my best friend.

I went to the same gynaecologist to ask if he was using progesterone cream, and this was a good idea. Even before I had explained what it was, he felt that something ordered over the internet cannot be good and that was the end of it. After much reading about PCOS and progesterone, and contact with a number of specialists from the U.S., I began using the cream on my own. I ordered it from the site because they are delivering the best quality available (the correct percentage without hormone disrupting agents). This worked like magic: after a year without menstruating at all, I was now menstruating regularly. But later I found out that for your real cycle to return, ovulation needs to be restored as well. I was not aware that you could menstruate without ovulation when using progesterone cream. It was very beneficial though for cleaning out my uterus and to reactivate the receptors for the progesterone hormone in my body.  That was one thing, but I still had not tackled the root cause of the problem that troubled me the most: this ugly hair growth and acne on my face. It nearly destroyed me, because I did not feel comfortable in socializing any more and my self-confidence was almost zero.

But I did not give up. I did courses on the Internet to find true self-worth, so I would not jump of a building.(the kind of self-worth that is not dependent on your appearance). I was making friends who loved me for who I am and I began judging people for their character and their hearts. Some of my best friends come from the period that I looked hideous and felt worthless. I even got into a relationship with a great guy who made me feel the most beautiful woman in the world, because he didn’t care how I looked like, but loved me madly for who I was. He helped me to find PCOS-solutions when I came to a real solution to my problem later on. All of these people showed me true love. True acceptance. And I am forever grateful.

I kept looking to improving my health though, and half a year later, Ifound D-Chiro Inositol (DCI). A dietary supplement that will adress the real cause behind my symptoms, namely an overproduction of the hormone Insulin. For the first time, all of the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. My body had been so out of balance because any intake of carbohydrates resulted in an overproduction of the hormone Insulin, which caused my body to release excessive amounts of male hormones in my blood. The instability in my blood sugar levels also caused feelings of depression and a heavy instability in my emotions.

I found a new doctor, a very friendly and open minded person. I printed out all the medical research that had been done on DCI which underlined the claimed effects. He was impressed, took me seriously and said that he would look for a doctor who had experience with this substance. After a few weeks I got a call : he had found a doctor / researcher at the VU medical centre in Amsterdam.

This doctor in Amsterdam listened with interest and agreed to monitor me in starting at this treatment. I still used the progesterone cream and although he was surprised that progesterone was available over the internet, progesterone was in itself something that is prescribed regularly, but by way of pills (highly toxic) or vaginal gels.

When starting DCI, he advised to stop with the progesterone therapy, because he wanted a clear evaluation. Also, when DCI would work, ovulation would be restored and my body would start producing progesterone by itself again. After a few weeks it became obvious that D-Chiro Inositol did the trick. It helped me to reverse the downward spiral. My Insulin levels went back to normal and therefore the rest of my hormones found a new balance as well. The elevated levels of male hormones decreased and my real cycle with ovulation started again, after two and a half months of use. My life changed, my symptoms decreased: Acne disappeared, bingeing disappeared, I lost ten kilograms of weight, I got a menstrual period, ovulated and felt fit. It felt like me again.

When I asked him how the hair growth would respond, he told me that this was a bit more complex. Because of the hair growth cycle this will need at least half a year to show visible results, and laser treatment is still needed for the follicles that were activated already. After a few months I noticed that the laser finally had real lasting effects. The hair came back less coarse and fewer new hairs grew back. It has not completely gone yet, but it is so little that it no longer bothers me.

When I look back now, I cannot believe that only a lack of information has caused me suffering for such a long time. I feel that everyone with PCOS deserves to have their information about this syndrome in a complete way, sothey can make a well-informed decision about their health. Every woman with PCOS symptoms should have the same opportunity and information that I now have. Therefore, with much love and thanksto co-founder Msc. Rik Grosveld, we are presenting this website to you. Now, after a few years, we have been able to help many women to improve their health naturally, restore their quality of life and even achieve natural and healthy pregnancies by using DCI and implementing changes in their diets and lifestyles.

Enjoy the information on this site and contact us if you need help in your path to a healthy body.

All the best for you,
Jessica Damhuis

0031 612728070


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